Study Guide:
The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels

This is the third book written by Ellen White, now usually called "Spiritual Gifts Volume 1", and covers the history of sin from before it ever existed in heaven, to its final eradication in the lake of fire that will burn up this world in the future. It was published in 1858, and is very different in content and style from the later 1884, 1888, and current 1911 editions, but the overall theme is similar. With the newer editions gaining the spotlight, this book has generally not been read by most of us Seventh-day Adventists up to the present time.

Believing that the words written in this book were all inspired by God, there is undoubtedly much instruction to be gained regarding the history of God's people, our position today, and the preparation we must make to get ready for the soon-coming Time of Trouble.

In doing this study guide, it is important to pray for the Holy Spirit's leading, and to keep in mind the title of the book which shows us who the controversy is between - Christ and his angels, and Satan and his angels.

The questions are designed to be straight-forward, with the inspired words themselves in this book giving the direct answer. The bonus questions are not directly answerable from this book, but may be found useful in stimulating deeper study not only in this book, but in the most important book of all - the Bible.

May the Lord's words not return unto him void is the prayer of the preparer;
Daniel Winters earlysda at August, 2007

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Lesson 1: The Fall of Satan

1. What are the first 5 words written at the start of this book?

2. Was Satan beautiful or ugly when created?

3. Was Satan jealous of Jesus, or of the Father?

second paragraph:
4. Are all sins of the same magnitude in God's eyes?

5. Was Satan trying to destroy the government of God, or make it better?

6. Who did Satan and his angels rebel against?

7. Does God ever use force? If so, give two examples from this paragraph showing it.

8. Physically speaking, how did Satan leave heaven?

third paragraph:
9. Did Satan ever repent?

10. What could God not do, and why?

fourth paragraph:
11. What is one reason given why Satan wanted to destroy Adam and Eve?

12. If Adam and Eve obeyed God, what could not happen?

13. If Adam and Eve disobeyed, would God smile on them?

14. How does Satan "insinuate" twice in this chapter?

15. What were the two steps Satan planned to get Adam and Eve to do?

Bonus questions: "The Lord has shown me", and "I saw" are phrases that show what about the author? Why did God have the good angels physically drive the bad ones out of heaven?

Lesson 2: The Fall of Man

16. Who often instructed Adam and Eve, and what did they instruct them about?

17. Complete this sentence: The angels enjoined upon them to closely follow the directions God had given them, ___________________________________ _________________.

second paragraph:
18. Did Eve believe what the Lord had said, just as he said it?

19. Was the forbidden fruit ugly or rotten?

20. What was astonishing to Eve about the snake, and why?

third paragraph:
21. Was Adam deceived?

22. Why did Adam resolve to share Eve's fate?

23. In the last paragraph of chapter one is written what Satan's plans were to cause Adam and Eve to disobey. What were the two steps again, and did he succeed in his plan?

24. Which did Adam love more - Eve, or God's command?

fourth paragraph:
25. Name the emotion and describe the action of the angels when they heard of man's fall.

26. What were the angels afraid Adam and Eve might do, and why?

27. Did God himself drive Adam and Eve from the garden, and if so, how?

28. Did the tree of life give immortality?

fifth paragraph:
29. What is one similarity between Satan's course and man's course?

Bonus question: How many ways were there for Adam and Eve to sin at first?

Lesson 3: The Plan of Salvation

30. When Adam and Eve first sinned, was there any way of escape for them?

31. Describe Jesus' countenance after the third time he came from the Father.

32. Did the Father ask Jesus to save humans, or did Jesus offer his life to his Father?

33. What two things are necessary for humans to again receive the favor of God?

second paragraph:
34. How much of the plan of salvation did Jesus conceal from the angels?

35. Did Jesus know what would happen to him before he came as a man to this earth?

36. What is one purpose given why Jesus became a human?

37. Which would be worse for Jesus at the cross - bodily agony or mental agony - and why?

third paragraph:
38. Can the life of an angel pay the debt to ransom man?

fourth paragraph:
39. As a human, would Jesus be weaker than the angels?

40. Why would the angels want to interfere in the plan of salvation?

41. Did the Father devise the plan of salvation, or did he accept it?

fifth paragraph:
42. Was Jesus joyous over the plan of salvation when telling it to the angels?

43. What two things would Jesus accomplish by his death?

sixth paragraph:
44. What two reasons are given for the inexpressible joy among the angels?

seventh paragraph:
45. Does the Father have difficulty sometimes in making choices?

46. How much did some angels love us humans?

47. What two things are necessary for the Son to do, to save lost man?

eighth paragraph:
48. Describe the angels' work with Jesus and with his followers.

49. Name something impossible for God to do.

ninth paragraph:
50. When Jesus should take fallen man's nature, what did Satan think he could do?

tenth paragraph:
51. Does Satan still look kingly?

52. Use 8 different words to describe Satan's facial expression.

53. What part of Satan's face did Ellen White particularly notice, and why?

54. When does Satan's smile grow horrible?

Bonus question: How did Satan learn of the plan of salvation?

Lesson 4: The First Advent of Christ

55. What phrase is used to show that the author is moving in time in the vision?

second paragraph:
56. Whose birth was honored more than any other?

third paragraph:
57. How did the Holy Spirit appear at Jesus' baptism?

fourth paragraph:
58. Did John know Jesus as soon as he saw him?

fifth paragraph:
59. Did John tell his disciples to always follow him (John)?

60. List four things in John's life that made it without pleasure.

61. How did John reprove sin, and what did this prepare?

sixth paragraph:
62. What did John faithfully tell Herod?

63. Did Herod intend to kill John?

64. How was the least disciple that followed Jesus greater than John the Baptist?

seventh paragraph:
65. John represents who in the last days, and what two things do they herald (preach)?

eighth paragraph:
66. Who fitted Jesus for the fierce temptations?

67. Did Jesus stay robust during his fast?

ninth paragraph:
68. What gave Satan hope that he could overcome Jesus?

69. Satan tempted Jesus to exercise what kind of power?

70. According to Jesus, how many words of God does man live by?

tenth paragraph:
71. What was Satan seeking to dispute?

72. Did Satan already have sufficient evidence of this?

73. In comparison to Satan's strength, what was Jesus' condition?

74. What sustained Jesus through all his sufferings?

eleventh paragraph:
75. Did Satan come with words of inspiration to tempt Jesus?

76. What was Satan's object in this temptation?

twelfth paragraph:
77. When our rights are disputed, what should we do?

78. What is the condition to call upon God to display his power?

thirteenth paragraph:
79. In each of his responses to the three temptations, what did Jesus quote from?

fourteenth paragraph:
80. Did Satan know what would happen to him if Jesus should die to redeem man?

81. If Satan could make the plan of redemption fail, what did he think he could do?

fifteenth paragraph:
82. Did Jesus bring his power and glory from heaven when he came as a man?

83. With what would Jesus redeem the possessions of Satan?

84. What two things will eventually be given into Jesus' hands?

Bonus question: In describing the fallen nature that Jesus took when becoming a man, does it refer to being spiritually fallen (sinful) or physically fallen (weak)?

Lesson 5: The Ministry of Christ

85. After Satan ended his direct temptations, how did he still hope to prevail against Jesus?

86. Satan and his angels decided in their special counsel to use their power to the utmost to do what, and why?

87. Satan and his angels didn't care how exact the Jews were, if they could
____________________________________________, and make them believe

second paragraph:
88. Name two times when Satan urged the people to take the life of Jesus, and how Jesus was protected both times.

third paragraph:
89. Satan exerted all his power to do what to the hearts and feelings of the people?

90. How many humans would it take to accept Jesus for him to carry out the plan of salvation?

fourth paragraph:
91. How did Jesus commence his work?

92. Those who were healed and raised to life, what did they do?

93. Who did Jesus work mightily for?

94. By whose power did Jesus heal?

fifth paragraph:
95. List three attributes of Christ's life.

96. Why were many of these healed by Jesus ashamed of him?

97. Could many endure to live like Jesus?

98. Were Jesus' words so plain that anyone could understand?

sixth paragraph:
99. Who did Satan stir up to take Jesus' life?

100. Who did Jesus speak encouragingly to?

101. Did any of the Jewish leaders believe on Jesus, and if so, why did they not acknowledge it?

seventh paragraph:
102. If Jesus would resent the cruelty and scorn to be heaped upon him, what did Satan hope Jesus would do?

eighth paragraph:
103. Could the disciples understand what Jesus meant about being crucified and rising again?

Bonus question: What was Jesus' method of working, and can we be successful doing that today?

Lesson 6: The Transfiguration

104. Why did God give the transfiguration experience for the disciples? For Jesus?

105. Who did God send to talk with Jesus, and why did he choose them?

106. Compare what God said here, with what he said at Jesus' baptism.

second paragraph:
107. Did Elijah live a pleasant life?

third paragraph:
108. In God's eyes, are some humans greater and lesser?

109. Moses mediated between who and who?

110. Does God get angry?

111. How did Moses show his love for Israel?

fourth paragraph:
112. What did Moses forget?

fifth paragraph:
113. Name two things God planned to do by often bringing Israel into difficulties.

sixth paragraph:
114. Did Moses sin when he broke the 10 commandments of stone, and why or why not?

115. For what sin did God not allow Moses to enter the promised land?

seventh paragraph:
116. How did Moses' sin make Satan happy?

117. If Moses had remained steadfast, would he have died?

eighth paragraph:
118. Michael has another name. What is it?

ninth paragraph:
119. Who do Moses and Elijah represent?

Bonus question: Both times the Father spoke audibly to Jesus so that the surrounding people could understand his voice, he said essentially the same thing. How important is it to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and can you believe in God without believing in his Son?

Lesson 7: The Betrayal of Christ

120. Did Judas think he was a true disciple of Christ?

121. How could Mary better express her gratitude to her Saviour?

122. How did Judas excuse his covetousness?

second paragraph:
123. Why did the chief rulers not confess their belief in Jesus?

124. What did the chief rulers fear?

125. What were the two paths that the chief rulers saw for themselves?

126. Did the chief rulers like Lazarus?

third paragraph:
127. What was Satan's relationship with Judas?

128. At the time of the Last Supper, was Peter a converted man?

fourth paragraph:
129. How were the disciples to obtain strength?

130. Why couldn't a host of angels go and surround Jesus?

fifth paragraph:
131. What did Jesus not receive from his disciples in Gethsemane?

132. Why did Jesus ask a question, and manifest his divine power to the group?

sixth paragraph:
133. What animated the angels' faces?

134. What made them sad again?

seventh paragraph:
135. Why were many angels sent to the scene of Jesus' trial?

Bonus question: Did Judas love Jesus?

Lesson 8: The Trial of Christ

136. Why did the angels lay off their crowns?

137. How did Satan and his angels affect the atmosphere in the judgment hall?

138. Name two ways Satan was hoping to make the plan of salvation fail.

second paragraph:
139. Why did Peter declare that he didn't know Jesus?

140. Name two things Peter did after that look of Jesus.

third paragraph:
141. Refer to question #102: List 5 types of cruelty and scorn they did to Jesus.

fourth paragraph:
142. How many angels would it have taken to deliver Jesus?

fifth paragraph:
143. List two more types of cruelty and scorn heaped on Jesus.

144. What did Jesus do with the spit on him?

sixth paragraph:
145. List three things the disciples expected Jesus to do.

146. What two things strengthened the disciples' faith that Jesus was the Son of God?

147. What did the disciples hope Jesus would do?

seventh paragraph:
148. What did Judas love more than Jesus? (see bonus question chapter 7)

149. Did he think Jesus would allow himself to be taken?

150. Judas' confession showed what had caused the priests to take Jesus?

eighth paragraph:
151. Did anyone sympathize with Jesus at his trial?

152. Compare Jesus' appearance with those who sat in judgment against him.

ninth paragraph:
153. Why was an angel sent to Pilate's wife?

154. What did his wife do after having the dream?

tenth paragraph:
155. Who did Herod think Jesus was, and why?

156. How were Pilate and Herod made friends?

157. Who was Jesus to use his divine power for?

eleventh paragraph:
158. What did Jesus answer Herod and those accusing him?

twelfth paragraph:
159. Name two temptations Satan and his angels suggested to Pilate.

160. List two reasons why Pilate delivered an innocent man to die.

thirteenth paragraph:
161. At the time of Jesus' trial impressions were made which did what later?

fourteenth paragraph:
162. Even having taken man's nature, how much did Jesus depart from the will of his Father?

Bonus question: Do you think the temptation for Jesus to instantly deliver himself from his murderers was large or small?

Lesson 9: The Crucifixion of Christ

163. What did Jesus do three times?

164. Describe the happy scene and the sorrowful scene that the disciples witnessed.

second paragraph:
165. What did Jesus' mother hope?

166. What did Jesus do when the nails were driven into his body?

167. What two feelings did Satan experience as Jesus was suffering?

third paragraph:
168. Describe how they made Jesus suffer.

169. What two types of agony did Jesus suffer?

fourth paragraph:
170. What words did those passing by Jesus use that were similar to Satan's?

171. What did the angels feel as they heard these words?

172. What was Jesus' last lesson?

fifth paragraph:
173. What was perhaps the last physical need of Jesus, and how did they turn this into an insult?

174. Did the angels look until the very end?

175. List three things that happened when Jesus died.

sixth paragraph:
176. Did Satan exult at the moment of Jesus' death?

177. How did Satan and his angels decide to still work against the government of God?

178. In keeping us from Jesus, how is Satan working for his own interest?

seventh paragraph:
179. What did Jesus do that was a continual reproof to the priests and elders?

180. Why did they despise Jesus?

181. How long will Jesus bear the nail prints, and what story do they tell?

eighth paragraph:
182. What were the disciples afraid of?

183. Did the disciples or Jesus' mother doubt Jesus?

ninth paragraph:
184. How did they honor Jesus' body, and who was instrumental in helping honor it?

185. What were the angels earnestly waiting for?

tenth paragraph:
186. How long did they want a guard around Jesus' sepulchre?

Bonus question: What do the nail prints in Jesus' hands mean?

Lesson 10: The Resurrection of Christ

187. What did the disciples and Jesus do on the Sabbath?

188. How many angels came down to the sepulchre?

second paragraph:
189. What did the Roman guard do when they saw the angels, and why?

190. The angel that rolled back the stone cried out to Jesus __________________! __________________! ____________!

191. What did the other angel do?

192. Why did Satan's angels complain?

third paragraph:
193. Why did Satan lament and rage?

fourth paragraph:
194. Why did Satan want to show the priests and elders Jesus' resurrection in a bright light?

fifth paragraph:
195. Describe what Ellen White saw the Roman guard do.

196. How did the chief priests and elders feel when they heard the guard's report?

197. If the report was correct, what would happen to them?

198. Why did the Roman guard sell their honor?

sixth paragraph:
199. Who was resurrected with Jesus, and what was the purpose?

seventh paragraph:
200. Is the human race getting stronger and more beautiful?

201. What has Satan been learning?

eighth paragraph:
202. Name two groups or persons who kept the matter from being concealed by Satan.

ninth paragraph:
203. As the news of Jesus' resurrection spread, how did the Jews feel?

204. Did Pilate believe the lying report?

tenth paragraph:
205. How was Herod's reaction to the news of Jesus' resurrection different from Pilate's?

eleventh paragraph:
206. What did the holy women fear when they saw the empty sepulchre?

207. Did the disciples believe the report of the women that Jesus was risen?

208. What was Mary thinking and feeling as she lingered around the sepulchre?

twelfth paragraph:
209. When did Mary understand that is was Jesus she was talking to?

210. What did Mary want to do to Jesus, and why did he not allow her?

211. What did Jesus hear from his Father, and what did he receive?

thirteenth paragraph:
212. Did Jesus forget his disciples a little while in heaven?

fourteenth paragraph:
213. Thomas showed a lack of confidence in who?

214. What was the will of God in spreading the report of Jesus' resurrection?

215. Did Jesus reprove Thomas for calling him "God"?

fifteenth paragraph:
216. How are we to receive the first and second angels' messages?

217. What must we tell those who embrace only a part of the third angel's message?

sixteenth paragraph:
218. How important is this event - the resurrection?

seventeenth paragraph:
219. What testimony did Jesus commission the disciples to give?

220. How would the disciples find relief when persecuted?

221. How did Jesus maintain the victory over the temptations of the Devil?

222. The disciples' lives could not be taken from them until what had happened?

223. List three reasons why Jesus would send the Holy Spirit.

Bonus question: Jesus received all power in heaven, and upon earth from his Father, but why does it still seem like Satan is in control of this world?

Lesson 11: The Ascension of Christ

224. What two groups went with Jesus as he ascended to heaven?

225. List three things the heavenly host did for their majestic commander.

second paragraph:
226. How will Jesus come again?

third paragraph:
227. While Satan retains his power and authority on earth, what must he and his angels do?

228. Jesus had given his disciples power to do what?

Bonus question: Imagine how the angels acted and felt during the approximately 33 years that Jesus was away from heaven, and how they felt when he returned.

Lesson 12: The Disciples of Christ

229. Name two things the disciples did.

second paragraph:
230. When Jesus died, the chief priests thought what three things would happen?

231. What was it that had caused the cripple to be healed?

third paragraph:
232. By hearing only one talk from the disciples, what did thousands of people do?

233. The leaders who had heard Peter's denial of Jesus thought they could intimidate him, but how was Peter now changed?

234. How did Peter remove the stain of his cowardly denial of Jesus?

235. Is there salvation in any other name than "Jesus Christ"?

fourth paragraph:
236. When Peter was approved by Jesus, what was given as a token of that approval?

fifth paragraph:
237. Did Peter tell the chief priests that the disciples would heed their command?

sixth paragraph:
238. The disciples continued to do what?

239. What banner were hundreds enlisting under daily?

240. Did God's angels tell the disciples to heed the command of the high priest and elders?

seventh paragraph:
241. What did the chief priests love more than God?

eighth paragraph:
242. Who are the two witnesses (or groups of witnesses) of these things concerning Jesus?

243. What were the evil angels trying to get the priests and elders to do?

ninth paragraph:
244. Why did the disciples leave the council praising God?

245. Where did the disciples preach?

246. Who did the disciples place the blood of Jesus upon?

tenth paragraph:
247. What were God's angels commissioned to do?

eleventh paragraph:
248. What three events of Jesus' life were to be the hope of Israel (God's people)?

249. What three things are everyone to do?

Bonus questions: Aren't Christ's followers to always "obey those in authority" (Heb. 13:17, 1Peter 2:13)? If so, then why did the disciples not do it sometimes, and might there be times when we should not do it either? Is there a higher rule to follow?

Lesson 13: The Death of Stephen

250. Why were many people angry?

251. How did Stephen reprove the priests and elders?

second paragraph:
252. With faith and the Holy Spirit, how did Stephen progress in his talk?

253. As the spirit of Stephen was stirred, what did he cry out against them?

third paragraph:
254. What enraged the chief priests and rulers?

255. What was the Son of man doing in Stephen's vision?

fourth paragraph:
256. Why was Satan happy to see Stephen die?

257. Who did Jesus select to more than fill the place of Stephen?

Bonus question: Why, in most countries of the world today, are God's people not being persecuted by the religious leaders as Stephen was?

Lesson 14: The Conversion of Saul

258. What two questions did Saul ask the Lord?

paragraph two:
259. What blinded Saul?

260. Saul did not have what three things for three days?

paragraph three:
261. Saul was to bear Jesus' name before who?

262. Name two reasons Ananias was sent to Saul.

paragraph four:
263. What did Saul do after receiving sight and arising?

264. He then preached _________ in the synagogues, that he was _______________ _____________________.

265. What did Saul's miraculous conversion convince many of?

266. What did Jesus teach Saul?

267. The divine light which shone upon the prophecies concerning Jesus enabled Saul to do what two things?

Bonus question: Why did Jesus physically reveal himself to Saul, but not to us today?

Lesson 15: The Jews Decided to Kill Paul

268. Name two reasons the angels were commissioned to guard Paul.

second paragraph:
269. How did the disciples help Paul get out of Damascus?

270. How did the disciples in Jerusalem first feel towards Paul?

third paragraph:
271. Paul told the people to worship who?

272. How did the Jews stir up those idolators?

fourth paragraph:
273. What were Satan's two objects in getting the woman to cry after the disciples?

fifth paragraph:
274. Why were the woman's masters angry when the evil spirit left her?

275. List four things the disciples' imprisonment showed the people.

sixth paragraph:
276. At midnight Paul and Silas ________, and _____________,

277. How did everyone's bands get loosened?

278. What was the jailer's question?

279. And the disciples' response?

seventh paragraph:
280. Why were Paul and Silas not willing to leave prison in a private manner?

Bonus question: Is it good today to remind people to keep the law, just as Paul and Silas did?

Lesson 16: Paul Visited Jerusalem

281. List three things that Paul preached or related that enraged the priests.

282. Why did Jesus appear to Paul in a vision, telling him to depart from Jerusalem, and where did he send him?

second paragraph:
283. Paul's enemies had to admit that his letters were powerful, so what did they say to try and destroy those letters' influence?

third paragraph:
284. What two things charmed Paul's hearers?

285. What did Paul do to make the common people want to be disciples of Christ?

fourth paragraph:
286. What were to be the means of spreading the knowledge of Christ?

287. What were kings and governors convicted of when Paul preached Jesus, and told of his experience?

288. Some hearts were softened, but not converted. What happened to those hearts?

fifth paragraph:
289. How did the Jews add sin to sin?

290. How was the resurrection of Jesus made doubly sure?

sixth paragraph:
291. What was the Jews' only hope after murdering Jesus?

seventh paragraph:
292. What two things were signified by the temple vail being torn from top to bottom when Jesus died?

293. If Jews or Gentiles wish to be saved, both ____________________________

eighth paragraph:
294. A stream of blood, and a stream of water came from Jesus' body while on the cross. What does each stream represent?

Bonus question: How can one obtain a powerful personal testimony, and is it necessary?

Lesson 17: The Great Apostasy

295. Why were the Christians who lived in the time of persecution greatly beloved by God?

296. What did these Christians do that increased their reward in heaven?

297. Why was Satan not satisfied?

298. The sufferings those Christians endured led them to do what three things?

299. What plan did Satan have to fight more successfully against the government of God?

300. What were two of the consequences of Christians uniting with the idolators?

second paragraph:
301. What did Satan stir up the fallen church to do?

third paragraph:
302. Draw a picture of the idolators' banner, and of the Christians' banner.

fourth paragraph:
303. List two reasons some Christians used to accept the propositions of the idolators.

304. Individual Christians who joined with the idolators did what to those bearing the white banner?

fifth paragraph:
305. What did some professed Christians do to the Jews, and why?

sixth paragraph:
306. Why did God scatter the Jews over the world?

307. Name two things some Jews will see, and who they will receive.

308. What is the current status of the Jewish nation in God's eyes?

Bonus questions: Are there times when it is good to "lower the standard"? Is there a difference between "lower the standard" and "compromise"?

Lesson 18: Mystery of Iniquity

309. List two things Satan has always been designing to do.

310. What did the church leaders do to the Bible, and why?

second paragraph:
311. In actuality, the popes and priests were whose representatives?

312. Why were many Christians slain in a dreadful manner?

third paragraph:
313. What did the church leaders do with the copies of the Bible they could find?

314. What was God's plan to do with the Bible in the last days?

315. Those who had a chance to read the Bible, how did they feel?

fourth paragraph:
316. Satan doesn't care if we believe the Jewish things stopped at the cross, if he can push us farther to believe what?

fifth paragraph:
317. All heaven knew that God could not do what two things with his law?

318. If the law could be done away, what might have happened?

319. Had the church remained _______ and _________________, Satan could not have _______________________________, and

320. In doing away with the law, Satan is striking directly against what?

sixth paragraph:
321. Satan tried to corrupt which commandment, and why?

322. How did Satan use the resurrection to serve his purpose?

323. How long will this deception be allowed to continue?

seventh paragraph:
324. If the Sabbath should be changed, what day should it be changed to and why?

325. How do the crucifixion and resurrection reflect on the law?

eighth paragraph:
326. What two things do we do today to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection?

ninth paragraph:
327: Who will keep the Sabbath, to whose honor, and for how long?

Bonus questions: Do we consider reading the Bible an exalted privilege today? How much effort has Satan put into changing the fourth commandment?

Lesson 19: Death, Not Eternal Life in Misery

328. Where did Satan teach his first lesson on the immortality of the soul?

329. What was the tree of life for?

330. When the soul that sins, dies, what does that do to the wrath of God?

second paragraph:
331. Said the angel, Life _______________, ____________________________________________. Death is __________________, ________________, _________________.

third paragraph:
332. As the people believe Satan's lie that man is immortal, Satan holds up what kind of God before them?

333. Satan leads some to another extreme, and represents what kind of God before them?

334. Why does another class of people not love the Bible?

fourth paragraph:
335. Another class of people goes still further, and does what?

fifth paragraph:
336. Why does another class of people lose their minds?

sixth paragraph:
337. So that even the weakest person need not err, what did God do?

338. Near the close of time, what was to be done with the Bible, and why?

seventh paragraph:
339. Have any words been changed in the Bible?

340. List two ways we can know that true seekers for truth don't have to err.

eighth paragraph:
341. Do many people desire life?

ninth paragraph:
342. What must God do to those who do not choose to accept salvation?

343. If God took the wicked to heaven, how would they feel there?

344. By sending the unholy back to the dust from which they were created, how should that make us think of God's character?

tenth paragraph:
345. What did Satan and his angels tell the good angels?

346. Why was the church of God then, pure?

Bonus questions: Why do nearly all humans want to believe the falsehood that some part of you keeps living even after you die? What is the best way to answer people who say there are errors in the Bible?

Lesson 20: The Reformation

347. Where were the angels of God searching, and who were they searching for?

348. List three reasons Luther was chosen.

349. Compare before and after Luther received light from heaven,
        a. What was he trusting in?
        b. How was he coming (or trying to come) to God?

350. What did Luther, in the power of the Holy Spirit, raise his voice against?

second paragraph:
351. How were Luther and Melancthon able to help each other?

352. If the work had been left to either of these men alone, what would have happened to the work of God in each case?

third paragraph:
353. The Luther-Melancthon team is similar to what team in the Bible?

fourth paragraph:
354. Some of God's witnesses were permitted to be killed, but why not Luther and Melancthon?

fifth paragraph:
355. Those few Christians were strong in God, and ________________________

356. When was the church united and loving?

357. List two kinds of sinners not permitted to unite with the church then.

Bonus questions: Why did countries where the Reformation was the strongest become rich and strong? Most people in those same countries today are rejecting the Reformation. What results can we expect?

Lesson 21: The Church and World United

358. How did even the most timid Christians maintain their faith when facing death?

359. Instead of the church contending for the faith, what did Satan lead them to fight for?

360. What did the church stop doing, which made her lose her power?

second paragraph:
361. List three things the church would do if she had always retained her holy and peculiar character, and how her enemies would view her.

third paragraph:
362. What two things must our faith in Jesus lead to, and if it doesn't, allows Satan to use us in his service better than if we had no faith?

363. How are those who possess pure and undefiled religion brought into disrepute?

fourth paragraph:
364. Why are some retained in the church even tho they are no more fit to be there than Satan and his angels?

365. How is the religion of Jesus made to appear to the world?

366. Those who followed Him (Jesus) _________________________.

367. List three things that God's message for the church would do.

Bonus questions: What are some of the traditions in the churches which are ruining millions? Does God's church today (SDA) seek the favor of the world sometimes, and if so, give examples. Is God's church today a "terror to her enemies", and if not, why not?

Lesson 22: William Miller

368. Who repeatedly visited William Miller, and what did they help him to understand?

369. When he couldn't understand one part of scripture, what did he do?

second paragraph:
370. William Miller saw that the churches were loving what?, and were seeking what?, and were ambitious for what?

371. _____________, ______________, and _________ he could see everywhere.

372. What Old Testament man and New Testament man is William Miller compared to, and why?

third paragraph:
373. What two things did the Lord's angel reveal to John?

374. How did the angel's face change as he showed John the final triumph of the church of God?

375. List two things John saw that led him to fall to worship at the angel's feet.

fourth paragraph:
376. Which book of the Bible is especially for those who live in the last days, and what two things will it guide them in?

fifth paragraph:
377. How could the people have better understood the visions of John?

378. By showing the harmony of the visions of Daniel and John and other portions of the Bible, William Miller did what?

sixth paragraph:
379. Name two things that were enough to lead William Miller to endure toil, privation, and suffering.

380. What did William Miller cry out?

Bonus questions: Why did God especially send his angels to help William Miller, and not others? Why is a major portion of this chapter devoted to John?

Lesson 23: The First Angel's Message

381. List two things that God designed in the 1843 message.

382. How many professed ministers of Christ gave the message?

383. Sinners ____________, _______, and __________________________________.

second paragraph:
384. Those who received the message labored for who?

385. This soul-purifying work led the affections AWAY from what, and TO what?

386. List three things their testimony was calculated to do to the churches.

third paragraph:
387. The preaching of definite time brought opposition from who down to who?

388. Many shepherds who professed to love Jesus said they had no opposition to what, but did have objection to what?

389. But God's all-seeing eye read their hearts and saw what?

390. Those who would not be aroused from their carnal security loved what, and were content with what?

fourth paragraph:
391. Those who did not accept the message did what to William Miller and those with him?

fifth paragraph:
392. The most devoted knew the message was from whom?

393. Was the First Angel's Message given at the correct time?

394. When the churches rejected the message, what did Jesus do towards them?

sixth paragraph:
395. What did Satan and his angels cast in the face of Jesus and his angels?

seventh paragraph:
396. Whose hand covered a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic periods, and why did he do it?

397. Those who had embraced the message through fear professed belief, but their profession had not done what to their hearts and lives?

eighth paragraph:
398. How did Jesus and the heavenly host look upon those people longing to see Jesus return?

399. How did God feel toward those who would not receive the light he had sent them?

400. Among many of the believers, did they have more energy in the 1843 message, or the 1844 message, and why?

ninth paragraph:
401. Those who did not receive the message, congratulated themselves for what two things?

tenth paragraph:
402. Why did the churches shut the 1844 message believer's testimony out of the churches?

403. The believers were shut out of the churches, and prepared for what?

Bonus questions: Was the Seventh-day Adventist church built on a failed time prophecy? In paragraph 7, what is the mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic periods?

Lesson 24: The Second Angel's Message

404. What did the churches do that made them fall from God's favor?

405. How did the beloved of God answer the message?

second paragraph:
406. When did the great light shine upon the people of God?

third paragraph:
407. Why was the midnight cry given?

408. Who were the angels sent to, and what did they constrain them to do?

409. Were the leaders in the work also leaders in receiving and helping to give the midnight cry?

fourth paragraph:
410. The midnight cry led the believers to do what?

fifth paragraph:
411. List three things the saints did while waiting for their Lord.

412. How did Jesus look upon his people then?

413. They had made a _________________ ________, an _______________________, and _______________________________ _____________.

sixth paragraph:
414. What caused many to recover from their fear and start mocking God's people?

Bonus questions: Are the churches that fell in 1844, still fallen today? It seems that very few times in history have God's people been accepted with him. What appears to be the requirements to be accepted with him?

Lesson 25: Advent Movement Illustrated

415. Describe where the eyes were directed of both those who seemed to have no connection with Jesus, and those receiving beams of light from Jesus.

second paragraph:
416. Who could be enlightened by the glorious light?

417. Those who received the light raised their voices in harmony with whom?

418. What contrasting styles were used by the ministers and leading men who had rejected the truth, when fastening the cords?

419. List three things the above men were constantly saying.

third paragraph:
420. Who conversed with the second angel, and what did they cry?

421. Those who cherished the light united with whom, and what did they cry?

fourth paragraph:
422. List five things "a large number" did.

423. What was the answer to those reaching out for help?

424. Where did the free company appear to be?

425. How did Jesus look upon those who were gazing up with intense interest?

426. They must yet ___________________ _____________________________. They must ______________________________
_______________________, and________ ________________________________. They must _____________, ____________

fifth paragraph:
427. What was the joyful company correct in, and what were their mistakes?

sixth paragraph:
428. Whose disappointment was the author shown next?

seventh paragraph:
429: List three things Jesus had his angels tell the disappointed ones he must do before he returns to earth.

430. The disappointment of the disciples well represents whose disappointment?

eighth paragraph:
431. Whose disappointment was greater, the disciples, or the believers in 1844?

432. What did the first and second angels' messages accomplish?

Bonus questions: What may be some reasons ministers and leading men told lies to the people by saying that they had the truth and that God was with them? Can we look at the disciples' experience to gain further insights into our experience in the future?

Lesson 26: Another Illustration

433. Who did Jesus commission to go to earth, and what two things was he supposed to do?

434. Did everyone who received the light react the same way?

435. All who received the light did what two things?

second paragraph:
436. Why was the angel watching the professed people of God?

437. How did all those in heaven feel when they saw many who professed love for Jesus rejecting the message?

third paragraph:
438. What was God's purpose in using a point of time?

439. The majority of Christ's professed followers were led by Satan to do what?

fourth paragraph:
440. The majority of the disappointed ones had greater energy in 1843 or 1844, and why?

fifth paragraph:
441. What will happen to those who have mocked and scoffed at the idea of the saints going up?

sixth paragraph:
442. List 3 things Jesus commissioned other angels to do.

443. What two things did Satan's angels tell God's angels?

444. What did the angels of God do?

seventh paragraph:
445. How did Jesus and all his angels look on the faithful people?

eighth paragraph:
446. How did Jesus react to those who had rejected him?

447. List 3 things the people did to know the will of God.

448. Satan could not keep the light from God's people as long as they did what two things?

449. Jesus bade his angels to do what?

450. God's mercy and goodness is shown by messages leading his people to do what?

Bonus questions: What are some of the errors handed down by heathen and papists? Explain in detail the 1843 disappointment.

Lesson 27: The Sanctuary

451. In the 1844 message, what failure was on God's part?

452. In the 1844 message, what error was on man's part?

453. What two things had Jesus gone to do in the Most Holy Place?

second paragraph:
454. The cherubs on each end of the ark looking downwards represent what?

455. What looked like smoke of beautiful colors?

456. As Ellen White saw the glory come from the Father to Jesus to the saints, what was she forced to do?

third paragraph:
457. What did the sanctuary upon earth resemble?

458. What did Jesus do to enter into the heavenly sanctuary?

fourth paragraph:
459. List two things the rending of the temple vail showed.

460. What two things did Jesus go to do in the Most Holy Place?

Bonus questions: What does it mean to "marry the New Jerusalem"? Why does Jesus' priestly robe have bells and pomegranates around the bottom?

Lesson 28: The Third Angel's Message

461. Who put a parchment in an angel's hand and sent him to earth?

462. List two things the third angel's message is to do to the children of God.

463. Although God's children's lives are at stake, what must they do?

464. As the third angel repeats Revelation 14:12, what does he point to, and why?

465. Jesus makes his final intercession for what two groups?

second paragraph:
466. When was the light of the Sabbath seen?

467. How did the people of God follow Jesus into the Most Holy?

468. Why does joy and hope spring up again?

third paragraph:
469. How does the 4th commandment appear, compared to the other nine?

470. When the remnant see they have observed a day handed down by the heathen and papists, what two things do they do?

fourth paragraph:
471. The remnant join in whose work?

472. When many embraced the message of the third angel, what two things did they do?

fifth paragraph:
473. What did the people embrace in their order?

474. How can we be shielded against the many delusions of Satan?

sixth paragraph:
475. After the great disappointment, when did some people say the 1st and 2nd messages were fulfilled, while others said when?

476. Some searched the Bible to do what?

477. Did many who led in the 1st and 2nd angels' messages deny them?

478. At length _______________________

seventh paragraph:
479. When will William Miller come forth from the grave?

Bonus questions: The prayers, censer, smoke, and light from God are mentioned in both chapters 27 and 28 - why? Is it necessary to believe the 1st and 2nd angels' messages today? What is the anchor to hold God's people now?

Lesson 29: A Firm Platform

480. How many steps are there going up to the platform, and what do they represent?

481. The manner in which they are received will decide what?

482. How had the people of God obtained their experience?

483. List 4 things those that stood firm on the platform did.

second paragraph:
484. Name two things the Jews rejected.

485. List 3 things the rejecters could not be benefited or blessed by.

third paragraph:
486. What did God do with the love people professed for Jesus?

fourth paragraph:
487. What two things did the people reject in the 1840s?

488. List 3 things the rejecters could not be benefited by.

489. What of the Jews is useless, and what, of those who did not enter by faith into the Most Holy Place, is useless?

490. What will happen to the world and churches when false reformations die away?

fifth paragraph:
491. I saw that God had ________________ _____________________________, and _______________________, and ministers and people __________________________ _______________________, ___________ ___________________________________, and they will ________________________ _______.

492. What will Satan do before the loud cry of the third angel?

493. Every one of the honest ones will do what two things?

Bonus questions: When were the Jews left in complete deception and total darkness, at the cross, or at Stephen's death? How many steps, messages, and angels (with their number attached to messages) are there, and why?

Lesson 30: Spiritualism

494. See definition of "rapping".

495. Satan has power to do what?

496. Why will Satan do this?

second paragraph:
497. What three "musts" are required of the saints?

498. Why is it important to understand the state of the dead?

third paragraph:
499. How will we have to contend with this delusion?

500. If we don't prepare for this delusion, what will happen to us?

501. God is willing to send every angel in heaven to help faithful souls, but on what condition?

fourth paragraph:
502. Was the whole world aboard the train?

503. Was the conductor of the train handsome?

504. Why is the world given over to strong delusions?

505. Where is the train going?

506. Was the little company traveling close to the train?

507. What bound the little company together?

fifth paragraph:
508. How did the little company look?

sixth paragraph:
509. See definition of "precious" and "vile".

510. What is the one piece of evidence that by itself is enough for the Christian to discover the snare?

seventh paragraph:
511. See definition of "Thomas Paine".

512. Where does Satan say Thomas Paine is?

513. Was Thomas Paine a holy man?

eighth paragraph:
514. By sending his angels to speak for the apostles, what will Satan do to the world?

515. What did the Holy Ghost dictate?

516. What will the lying angels do?

517. Why does Satan wish to get everyone into uncertainty about the word of God?

ninth paragraph:
518. Satan assigns his angels to do what?

519. Are all of Satan's angels instructed to act the part of wicked men only?

520. There is no difference made between ___________________________________
and ______________________.

521. List two easy things for Satan.

522. What is the masterpiece of Satan?

tenth paragraph:
523. What is Satan virtually saying to the world and infidels?

524. What is the foundation of the Christians' hope?

525. Satan holds out what to take the place of the Bible?

eleventh paragraph:
526. What is the channel wholly devoted to Satan?

527. The Book that is to judge him and his followers is put where by Satan?

528. What is Jesus made to be?

529. List three things the deluded followers of Satan will repeat and try to make appear about our Saviour.

530. How will the deluded followers of Satan compare their works with Christ's?

531. When will the world discover their deception?

Bonus questions: Is Satan working here and there at random, or are he and his angels working very orderly? Why do very few people today believe that the Bible was dictated by the Holy Ghost? Is most of this chapter talking about symbolical things like movies and books that are of Satanic origin, or actual things that Satan will cause to happen in the future? Will these spiritual manifestations by Satan's angels and his deluded followers make the world laugh, or believe in them?

Definition: "Rapping" refers to the start of modern spiritualism - from the Fox Sisters in New York in 1848. They and their friends would sit around a table holding hands, and then ask questions to the spirit world. No one would be touching the table, but there would be knocks (raps), one knock for "yes", or two knocks for "no", etc.

"Precious" means "of high value", and "vile" means filthy. In a spiritual sense, "precious" means "holy", and "vile" means "unholy".

"Thomas Paine" was born in England in 1737, but lived most of his life in America. He is the greatest intellectual of the American Revolution. He wrote many beautiful things about each person using their free will, but he also wrote many things against the Bible, and said that anyone who believed in the Bible was not using their brains. His writings are still very influential today in many universities of the world.

Lesson 31: Covetousness

532. Satan told his angels to lay their snares especially for people doing what two things?

533. How would Satan hold the sleeping churches?

534. Who does Satan and his angels hate, and why?

second paragraph:
535. Satan says: Make them care more for __________ than ____________________
____________________, or ____________ ___________________________.

536. Satan says to: Cause ______________ ___________. Destroy ________________ _____________________.

537. How does Satan plan to weaken the ministers' courage and zeal?

538. What is Satan's plan to surely get God's people?

third paragraph:
539. Where is Satan and his angels when servants of God have meetings, and what do they do there?

540. When does Satan come in and wither up every noble and generous principle?

fourth paragraph:
541. Like Judas, some people who don't know they are controlled by Satan have what traits?

542. What does God hate, and what does he think of the prayers of those who possess it?

543. What does Satan and his angels do with the covetous acts of God's people?

544. When God's people become weary of being generous, how does God feel about them?

545. Why is God greatly displeased with any selfishness in his professed people?

546. Who is our perfect pattern?

Bonus question: Give some examples of things to do to grow more into the principles of heaven.

Lesson 32: The Shaking

547. In the first sentence, what did "some" have, and what were they doing?

548. What did they look like?

second paragraph:
549. By pressing their darkness upon those pleading with God, what four steps did the evil angels intend to lead them to do?

550. How many ways were there to keep safe?

551. How do good angels help the people of God with their wings?

third paragraph:
552. Did everyone agonize and plead with God?

553. What happened to the darkness around those not resisting it?

554. Who did the angels assist?

fourth paragraph:
555. Did Jesus sometimes send light to those pleading with God?

fifth paragraph:
556. What exactly causes the shaking?

557. What is the effect on the receiver of the straight testimony?

558. Will everyone accept this straight testimony?

sixth paragraph:
559. How important is the straight testimony to the church?

560. Those who truly receive the straight testimony will do what, and what will be done to them?

seventh paragraph:
561. The voice seemed to be so full of ___________, __________________, and ____________, ____________.

562. What were those who were mightily shaken clothed with?

563. What did the victory call forth from those who were like a company of soldiers?

eighth paragraph:
564. Those who did not prize salvation enough failed to do what three things?

ninth paragraph:
565. What did those clothed with the armor do?

566. What was the only thing exalted to the honest?

567. What had made this great change from being bound, to losing fear of relatives?

tenth paragraph:
568. What aroused and enraged the wicked?

569. Why were God's people crying unto God earnestly?

570. List two traits of God's people at that time.

eleventh paragraph:
571. What reason did the commanding angel give the other angels why they were not allowed to deliver God's people?

twelfth paragraph:
572. How did this company look after being delivered by the voice of God?

Bonus questions: What is "the testimony" mentioned in the fifth and sixth paragraphs? What standards should be exalted? What Bible situation is being referred to by "drink of the cup" and "baptized with the baptism"?

Lesson 33: The Sins of Babylon

573. Who is it impossible to distinguish from the world?

574. What are the only two things hateful to the carnal heart?

575. List three things lacking in the popular ministry.

576. What is the only thing that can overcome, and retain the victory over the powers of darkness? (find Bible text and name each part)

577. What awakens the spirit of persecution?

second paragraph:
578. When were the churches left as the Jews?

579. What does God think of their prayers?

580. Compare how these people look upon themselves, and how Jesus looks upon them.

581. Why do the evil angels look upon the religious bodies with exultation?

third paragraph:
582. What is the grievous sin some professed followers of the Saviour engage in?

583. Name two groups God's anger burns against.

fourth paragraph:
584. In the day of execution of God's judgment, it will be less tolerable for those who oppress their fellow-men (slaves) than for who?

fifth paragraph:
585. What kind of slave can God not take to heaven?

586. How will God show his compassion on that kind of slave?

587. How will the wrath of God be appeased?

Bonus questions: Who is Babylon? Is this chapter only for the 1860 time frame in America and the churches then, or does it have an application for the end time also?

Lesson 34: The Loud Cry

588. Who does "another mighty angel" unite his voice with?

589. The 2nd angel's message is given again, with what addition?

590. What did those who united in the message do?

second paragraph:
591. This message joins the 3rd message as the _______________________ joined the _______________________ in 1844.

592. What do the saints fearlessly do?

third paragraph:
593. Who left the fallen churches?

594. How many people are to be tested on the 3rd message?

595. What restrains those who wish to hinder this work?

596. List three things every saint does.

fourth paragraph:
597. How do the saints' faces look?

598. What are the precious people hurried out of?

599. The excellent glory prepares God's people for what?

Bonus question: Is it important to not call this angel: "The Fourth Angel"?

Lesson 35: The Third Message Closed

600. What had God's people received and what had been revived?

601. Where was the last great warning sounded?

second paragraph:
602. What was the work done by the angel with the writer's ink-horn?

603. What did Jesus say with a loud voice?

third paragraph:
604. When was every case decided for life or death?

605. The judgment was going on for who while Jesus was ministering in the sanctuary?

fourth paragraph:
606. Who had the control of man when Jesus left the Most Holy Place?

607. What breaks with fury on those who have slighted salvation and hated reproof?

608. After the close of Jesus' mediation, how were the saints living?

fifth paragraph:
609. Some cursed God for the plagues, while others did what?

610. What did the saints do to help the sinners then?

611. How many people chose to accept the plan of salvation?

sixth paragraph:
612. Who was hurrying to and fro?

613. What kind of famine was it?

614. Name two things the lost people prized higher than heavenly treasure.

seventh paragraph:
615. List three things the wicked ministers told their people, and one thing they did not tell them.

Bonus question: Does Jesus place the sins confessed while in the Most Holy Place back on Satan before the 2nd Coming, or after?

Lesson 36: The Time of Jacob's Trouble

616. The saints left where to live where?

617. The leading men of earth wrote a paper giving orders allowing what?

618. How would God be honored?

619. How would Jesus be honored?

second paragraph:
620. Why were the saints suffering great mental anguish?

621. Draw a picture of the relationship of the physical location of the 4 groups ---> the wicked, good angels, evil angels, and saints.

622. For what reason would God deliver the saints?

third paragraph:
623. The saints are compared to who in the Bible, and how is their work similar?

624. God would not allow the wicked to destroy those who ____________________ __________________, and who would not __________________________________, or __________________.

625. Who would be happy if the wicked were permitted to slay the saints at that time?

fourth paragraph:
626. What weapons did the wicked have to kill the saints, and what happened to those weapons?

Bonus questions: After the close of probation, will any saints die? Why is the saints' experience compared to Jacob's?

Lesson 37: Deliverance of the Saints

627. What time did God choose to deliver his people?

second paragraph:
628. What happened to the streams?

629. Who came up out of their graves glorified?

third paragraph:
630. How did the words as they came from the mouth of Jehovah sound?

631. When did the saints give a mighty shout of victory over the beast and his image?

fourth paragraph:
632. When did the jubilee start?

633. Why did the wicked master not know what to do?

fifth paragraph:
634. Describe what Jesus wore, his eyes, feet, voice, countenance, and what name he had written on his clothes and thighs.

635. What did the earth and heavens do?

sixth paragraph:
636. What had the saints said during the terrible scenes?

637. Those sickly bodies _______________ ___________________________________

seventh paragraph:
638. What two things were attached to the cloud, and what were they saying?

639. Before entering the holy city, how were the saints arranged?

Bonus question: By saying "at midnight" does it mean just where Ellen White was in this vision?

Lesson 38: The Saints' Reward

640. What two things does Jesus give the saints?

641. Are the saints in the city or outside when they receive their gifts from Jesus?

642. What makes Jesus satisfied?

second paragraph:
643. What two parts of the tree of life do the saints eat?

644. The most exalted language cannot describe ___________________________, nor________________________________

Bonus questions: Will there be no more sorrow as soon as we enter heaven, or after the 1,000 years? Since there is no more death, why do the saints need to still eat from the tree of life?

Lesson 39: The Earth Desolated

645. Whose wrath had the wicked suffered?

646. Who were signal objects of that wrath?

647. After the saints were delivered, what did the wicked do?

second paragraph:
648. What can Satan enjoy through the 1000 years?

649. List four reasons Satan suffers extremely during the 1000 years.

third paragraph:
650. List three groups of beings who are happy that Satan cannot tempt them anymore.

fourth paragraph:
651. Who were the wicked judged by?

652. What were the wicked judged by?

653. How were the wicked judged?

654. Where was the judgment against the wicked written?

fifth paragraph:
655. Which comes first to this earth after the 1000 years, Jesus or the City of God?

Bonus questions: Why do you think the false shepherds had their eyes and tongues melted away? Can Satan still go to other worlds and tempt beings there now? Will the 1000 years be a vacation, or a period of active work?

Lesson 40: The Second Resurrection

656. Compare how those who came up in the first resurrection looked like, with those who came up in the second.

657. What group of people is singled out as being in pain from seeing Jesus?

second paragraph:
658. ...they with one accord raise their voices, and with terrible distinctness exclaim, ___________________________________

third paragraph:
659. What did Satan do to the weak among his subjects?

660. How many people were on Satan's side?

661. When the wicked are resurrected, where do their thoughts begin?

662. How does Satan try to deceive the wicked into believing that they can take the City of God?

fourth paragraph:
663. Does Satan succeed or fail in deceiving them?

664. What do the wicked make?

665. What are the wicked expecting?

666. What makes the wickeds' courage fail?

667. What two things do the wicked sense?

Bonus questions: How can it be possible that the wicked are deceived by Satan to think they can fight and win against God? Will it be a short time or long time from the time the wicked are resurrected, to the time they are ready to fight to take the City?

Lesson 41: The Second Death

668. Who rains fire upon the wicked?

669. How long do some of the wicked burn?

second paragraph:
670. List three things Satan must be punished and suffer for.

671. When all the wicked were consumed, what was satisfied?

third paragraph:
672. What will God have?

673. What was the eternal inheritance of the saints?

674. The kingdom, _______________, and ___________________________________
_______________________________, was ___________________________________
___________________________________________, even _____________________.

Bonus questions: Why does the angel say a few words added from what is written in the Bible about the "worm of life"? When all the angels and redeemed see the final burning of the wicked, why will they say "Amen!"? Why is the grammar used more in the past tense rather than future tense?

Further study:
Three Angels' Messages in simplified form:
1. Jesus is coming soon, get ready!
2. Leave the Sunday churches.
3. Keep the Sabbath.

Whole book bonus question: Do you want to make a covenant with God to do everything he says to be among that group that "cast their glittering crowns at the feet of their Redeemer, and prostrated themselves in adoration before him, and worshiped him that liveth forever and ever"?

YES! I make a covenant with God to be with him inside the City when the world is on fire:
Signature ___________________________
Date _________________