A Word to the
Little Flock

This booklet was originally published in 1847. I've divided it into 3 main sections. Click on the section where you want to start reading.
Please see below to understand what the background colors mean before you begin reading.
1. The additons by the White's Publications trustees.
2. The writings of James White and Joseph Bates.
3. The writings of Ellen White including the main "Little Flock" vision.

LavenderBlush background color = additions by the White Publications trustees or me.

AliceBlue background color = additions by Joseph Bates or James White.

LightGoldenrodYellow background color = Everything that Ellen White wrote in A Word to the "Little Flock".

Download the entire booklet

Note: This download version of A Word to the "Little Flock" is directly as reprinted by the trustees of the White Publications in the early 1900's(?) without any additons.

Any questions or thoughts about A Word to the "Little Flock" ? I'll be glad to do my best and answer all those sent to: earlysda atsign hotmail.com (Daniel Winters)

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