The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels

(First edition - 1858)

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Language Status Availability
1st language speakers - 322,000,000
('11/4/22) My brother and i moved the remaining 5,000+ copies in America to a storage place in Tennessee in December. Around 50 copies personally handed out at the GC Session in Atlanta, and it was gratifying to see a generally nice response. There are still around 3,000 in the Philippines, and the same or a bit more in India. ('09/8/16) Approximately 5,000 copies are still in inventory in India. I must work to sell them to raise funds to print other languages. ('09/01/21) The 100 books kept in Sabah were sold at the ASI convention in Kuala Lumpur in December. One box of books (160) was sent to an elder in Papua New Guinea to use among young people in his church to study.
('08/5/29)Available Malaysian-printed copies down to 7 with me (Daniel Winters - webmaster), but another 100 are still in Sabah. Approx. 11,000 stored in Tennessee. Over 65,000 total printed by webmaster and friends. May they all be read, and Jesus receive all the glory. Jesus has already turned just a few dollars and yen into many books :)
('07/1/28) I had heard of a copycat edition of the American-printed 1858gc, but saw it first with my own eyes when in Manila. Everything down to the paging and Foreword and cover were exactly the same - only my name and website url and email address had been taken out - just like Vance Ferrell had suggested to do in one of his newsletters. Thank you God for this most strange way to get your words out to the people :)
('06/9/04) Original language. First printed in 1858. New printing of 50,000 was done in 2002. The English copy is in demand in many countries, and 10,000 pocket-sized books were printed in India this June.
      Great Controversy cover
Internet: The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels
Printed: Cases of around 160 "Happiness Digest"-sized books are available at 100 (USD) per box from America. Indian-printed nicely bound pocket-sized books are available from India. Please email me for details. Also, this book (called "Spiritual Gifts Volume 1"). was separated from Volume 2, and re-printed in April, 2001 by Review and Herald. It has been advertised in ABC stores as "Original 1858 Great Controversy". Available at most Adventist Book Center stores
1st language speakers - 332,000,000
('12/1/28) The Romanian translator is diligently working on this edition now, as Spanish and Romanian are similar, and as with the Romanian edition, he is being very careful to translate it faithfully. Finally i am confident that this book will be translated faithfully into Spanish soon :)
('11/4/22) Oh the pain! Why is it so difficult to find people who will do what they say? The lady who told me 2 years ago that she would do this, sent a few emails just before the GC Session, asking about printing it etc., giving me great hope, but then she said that she had "farmed out" part of the work to friends, and they had just done an internet translation of it, which gave poor results, so she would have to do it all herself. OK, i waited, and sent a few emails without much result, and finally when calling her this week found out that she's done nothing on it since before the GC Session! If people cannot keep their word, i understand, but when they don't keep it, AND don't inform one that they will not keep it, i can only pray that they will see their sin in breaking the 9th commandment, repent, and follow Jesus. So now i'm back to square one with the Spanish version..... ('10/2/15) Communication is a big problem, so don't know what is going on, if anything, with the translation. Two other people have contacted about translating it, which i'm considering. ('09/8/16) A husband/wife team at Uchee Pines have agreed to re-translate this book. Leaders in Spain have also been contacted about possibly re-translating this book. ('08/1/13) The lady who said she could re-translate it now says she is too busy. As feared, this translation does not meet the requirements for a good translation. This language is the only translation that was done before i picked up this work of spreading the 1858gc in the various languages. Can anyone re-translate? This is probably the second most-widely used language in the world, and is very important, especially where the SDA church is growing in Central and South America.
('06/9/04) Translated and printed in 1998, but there are some mistakes. A woman in spring '04 graciously accepted the task of checking this book, but has spent very little time on it. Just last week a email was received saying that a man was helping her, and that, while it would take longer than she first thot, she thinks that with this man's help they can do the work properly - thank you Sister!
Internet:Well, the 1858 Spanish Great Controversy (not faithful translation) is on the internet now, but is lacking the Foreword and Word List.
1858 La Gran Controversia Entre Cristo y sus Ángeles Y Satanás y sus Ángeles
1st language speakers - 127,000,000
('11/4/22) Finally i've found a church in Japan that loves this book! The Kobe church is actively interested in this book, and the pastor is very much in favor of it. Now i'm trying to have studies with them. A former SDA pastor in Okinawa is very interested in this book too. Only around 100 books are left. ('09/8/16) The SDA church members in Japan are mostly against this book - even the "strong" conservative types. I love Japan, but see that almost no one is interested in studying God's words contained in this book, so i will shake the dust off my feet, and go where the people ARE interested.
('09/01/01) I'm in Japan now, finishing up the Study Guide. I'm scheduled to give a study at the Himeji church on January 31. I pray others will want to study this book too.
('08/1/13) 400 books are still available in Osaka. I hope to go to Japan in December of this year and have studies of this book with interested people.
('06/01/11) Translated by myself in 2001. 5,000 copies printed. One young SDA man said after reading this book, "It's the first time i feel i understand the Great Controversy story." So there are rewards, but most Japanese SDAs are not interested, or don't like Ellen White. A pastor said many people in his church were angry about this book (hinting that it was not nice for the author to announce the fall of Sunday-churches). I thank many friends for taking over 1,300 stored books before leaving in October, 2005, and for spreading this book :)
Internet: 1858 Japanese Great Controversy ここをクリックしたらキリストとキリストの天使たちとサタンとサタンの天使たちとの間の大闘争(1858年版)読めます (現在広く使われいてる1911年番の大争闘とだいぶ違います)
Eメールしてくれば印刷された本を入手する方法を教えます。 Printed copies available by emailing me at: tengoku1 atmark
1st language speakers - 44,000,000
('02/4/05) Not knowing any Polish is a disadvantage when getting the book into html, but it is finished today! Actually there are still a couple of things needing checking on, but it's available now on the www (^-^). Any comments or advice would be appreciated.
500 copies printed January, 2002
Internet: 1858 Polish Great Controversy (RTF format 320kb)
Wielki Bój pomiędzy Chrystusem i jego Aniołami, a Szatanem i jego Aniołami
1st language speakers - 170,000,000
('09/8/16) The Ukrainian Publishing House printed 20,000 of these in 2005 with 7,710 left in inventory as of June 18. The "angel" cover was replaced with a "cloud" cover and 25,000 printed with 8,991 still in stock. It is WONDERFUL to see the organized SDA work actively spreading this book :) They have even sent some books to the church in Moldova.
('08/1/13) The pastor working to spread this book feared the SDA Union people, got cold feet, and now will not contact me:(
('06/11/06) A pastor worked hard to get 13,000 copies of this precious book printed. The Ukrainian SDA publishing house printed 20,000 more in 2005 with a different cover, and updated translation.
Internet: 1858 Russian Great Controversy
«Великая борьба между Христом и Его ангелами и Сатаной и его ангелами»

Translation revised a bit in this newest version:
only in PDF format for now.
1st language speakers - 16,000,000
('11/4/22) I'm told that all copies have been distributed, and that there are definite requests to print at least 3,000 more, but no funds, so the workers sit idle in the marketplace. ('08/1/13) This book is still being spread, mostly in northern India. 5,000 more copies were printed, so now there are 3,000 copies on hand. ('06/8/23) 5,000 books were printed in 2003 and now with the change of government, and openness of spreading the gospel, the pastor who is in charge of the project in India said that he wishes to print 25,000 more! This book is even being used in Bhutan, with some Bhutanese crossing the border into India and carrying these books back into that closed country:) Note: This book is only available in PDF (Acrobat) format as i don't have any software to convert it to HTML or RTF formats.
Internet: "Bhishan Pratitdwandwa" 1858 Nepali Great Controversy (PDF format)
only in PDF format for now.
1st language speakers - 75,000,000
('08/1/13) This has been one of the most frustrating projects, as the translator will not contact me. So, did the books get distributed -- or not? In talking with several Korean SDAs, none of them have ever seen this book :(
('04/12/16) 5,000 copies were distributed, and even the Adventist Book Centers in Korea distributed this book free to members. The front and back cover graphics have big mistakes, and there is no Contents page, but everything else about the book is top quality. Is the translation is faithful and easy to read? The translator said he has received no feedback from any readers...
Internet: 1858 Korean Great Controversy
그리스도와 그의 천사들과 사단과 그의 천사들과의큰 싸움
1st language speakers - 885,000,000
('11/4/22) A Chinese pastor at the GC Session last June said he'd translate it, but, like most, never did what he said. ('09/01/01) I spent 6 weeks working nicely with the translator in Malaysia up to chapter 13, then suddenly she said she would do the rest by herself, but no more contact. What to do? And she was so really into it, translating it really as the words of God - so nice!
('08/5/29) A lady in Malaysia is actively translating this book now. At last word, she was up to chapter 9. Out of the blue, a pastor in Singapore sent me the finished translation by a church member there, asking for the payment. What to do? There was never any contact between the translator and myself, so while being happy, was cautious when opening the files to check it. I'm no Chinese expert, but could tell that the title of the book and chapter 32 title had not been translated correctly. To reward the translator something for her work, while not giving full payment for an unsatisfactory translation, i compromised by offering to pay 1/2 the normal translation (300usd is normal top payment) costs which was accepted. Hopefully i can spend lots of time in July and August going over each word with the translator, and get this translation done this year.
('08/1/13) The Chinese translation has had more people than any other say they could do it, and actually start on it, but to date, it is not done. However, there is a faithful Chinese-descent lady in Malaysia who has translated about 1/4 of it. Hopefully it will be ready to print by the end of the year, and maybe i can go to China to distribute it in 2009... (come quickly Lord Jesus)
('07/03/14) This was translated in summer 2001, but have been told that it needs retranslation. I was planning to make this language the focus of my work in 2007, but still no translator has been found. One lady in Singapore has expressed an interest, and that is the only lead for now.
1st language speakers - 189,000,000
('05/1/10) Two books arrived just minutes ago - excellent work!! The translator first said that this book has some things different from the later Great Controversy, so he mixed and matched to fit the later book. He has been told that is not acceptable, so he translated it faithfully according to the original. 12,000 copies have been printed and 4,000 are still available (^-^)
Internet: 1858 Bengali Great Controversy (PDF format)
Bengali Great Controversy PDF format
1st language speakers - 67,662,000
('10/2/15) 3,000 new pocket sized printed in January.
('09/10/11) Someone has been impressed to fund the re-printing of this book, so 3,000 books are planned to be printed in time for the 80th anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist message coming to Vietnam - this October 22nd. Praise God!
('08/1/13) The on-fire pastor in Vietnam who is behind this book tells me that he is planning to re-print it in Japanese manga size (pocket-size). I met him in Thailand in December, and handed over a very little bit of money to help in that noble project. Wish i could do more.... Then he helped me!!
('07/03/14) Many exciting things are happening with the gospel and the SDA church in this country, and it is good to see that this book is one of the few available there. I had a few studies of chapters 30 & 32 with young people there last week, and was encouraged as several of them had eager, shining eyes as they studied and asked questions about this book. There are very tentative plans in the far future to perhaps print a pocket-sized edition of this book there some day, and perhaps, after the church there gets growing and strong, they might even be able to help translate in some local tribal dialects :)
Internet: 1858 Vietnamese Great Controversy (PDF format)
Sự Tranh Đấu Khốc Liệt
1st language speakers - 2,330,000
('04/2/15) EGPA has found a translator for this book, but he wants over 700USD, so this project is on hold.  
1st language speakers - 182,000,000
('05/07/07) The Hindi version has been printed too (15,000), with 6,000 copies still available, and the PDF version is here.
Having BIG problems getting any of these Indic language books into RTF or HTML. Any ideas?
Internet: 1858 Hindi Great Controversy (PDF format)
Hindi Great Controversy PDF
1st language speakers - 72,000,000
('11/4/22) Same pastor as before printed the English one again, WITH the study guide included, and says they are all sold already. Praise the Lord! ('09/01/01) A pastor in Johor Bahru Malaysia took one of the Tamil books to the printer, and had 1,000 printed exactly like it! They cost 3.5myr/each tho, which is steep. I pray for you pastor, that you can sell them all, and a revival will occur among the Tamil-speaking SDAs in Malaysia.
('08/1/13) The book was re-translated, and 4,000 copies printed in fall of last year. The quality is very good as far as the printing goes, just hope the content is the same high quality. A high-placed church official in India ordered 1,000 of these books - thank you pastor, and may the church there be edified!
('07/03/14) The 2,000 copies printed 2 years ago are almost exhausted, and a different pastor has proofread it again. There is some hesitation to translate the place in chapter 6 where it says "smite the rock" faithfully, but hopefully he will not interject his own ideas, and will translate it as written. The plan is to print more within the next 2 or 3 months, perhaps as many as 5,000 copies. Finally some interest is picking up in this language, as most of the Indian SDA believers are in the Tamil-speaking area. Any distributors?
Internet: 1858 Tamil Great Controversy (PDF format)
Tamil Great Controversy PDF
1st language speakers - 9,400,000
('08/1/13) Recently i got a email from the missionary doing this project, and he said that almost 1,000 books had been sold already, surprising even him! That is a NICE surprise!
('07/03/14) The Malagasy version has been translated, and printed! At 2usd/book, this is by far the most expensive language done to date. May it help the people there.
Internet: 1858 Malagasy Great Controversy (PDF format)
Hery Mifanandrina Izay ifanaovan'i Jesosy sy ny anjeliny ary, Satana mbamin'ny anjeliny

1st language speakers - 13,200,000
('12/1/28) While there has been no contact from the Sri Lankan brethren since i went there 6 years ago, it has warmed my heart to see this book displayed among the various languages in the Great Hope Project's newsletter :)
('08/1/13) Thanks to a faithful brother in Canada, this translation is now available in PDF format - thank you!
('06/04/11) Last Friday i went to the SDA press where this was printed, and heard an amazing story about how the order for this book helped the press overcome a defecit, and helped put it on the right track :) Now to get more people interested in distributing the book. The press has finally supplied an electronic copy, but it does not display correctly :(
Internet: 1858 Sinhala Great Controversy (PDF format 502kb)
Sinhala Great Controversy PDF
1st language speakers - 15,000,000
('11/4/22) It is hard to understand really what is happening, but the books were received, even tho not completely paid for yet, and are being distributed. The worker is in Malaysia trying to work to support his family, but the webmaster is hoping to send more funds so he can devote full-time to this work again. ('09/10/11)3,000 copies have been ordered in the pocket-size from CVM press, but the funds are still lacking around 400usd to receive the printed books from the press. The worker dedicated full-time to spreading this book in the Philippines for over 4 years has now had to find a part-time job, as i don't see how to continue sending him support :(
('08/5/29) 1,160 copies are still available.
('08/1/13) One backslider started coming back to church after reading this book. Remittances are slowly coming in. It seems the Lord provides just enough for the dedicated worker who has been working full-time for 3 years, to continue in this work, even when i told him i could no longer support him. God is very gracious to us :)
('06/8/23) I have met many Cebuano speakers in Malaysia and Thailand too, as many people in the southern Philippines go overseas to work or spread the gospel. 10,000 copies were printed, and the press uses many women's hands to fold each sheet as they stack them up to make a book. They cost 22cents/usd, and we are selling them to distributors for 40cents. Most of the books have been distributed, but remittances is another story!
Internet: 1858 Cebuano Great Controversy (RTF format 377kb)
Ang Dakung Away Tali Ni Cristo ug sa Iyang mga Manolonda Batok Kang Satanas ug sa Iyang mga Manolonda
1st language speakers - 7,000,000
('06/01/11) 5,000 copies were printed the same time as the Cebuano version above. This language is used mostly around the western part of Mindanao, and islands westward. It is interesting that the translator herself is by far the biggest distributor of this book :)
Internet: 1858 Ilonggo Great Controversy (RTF format 569kb)
Ang Dakung Pagsumpunganay Sa Tunga ni Kristo kag sang Iya mga Manugtunda kag ni Satanas kag sang Iya mga Manugtunda
1st language speakers - 8,000,000
('08/5/29) Finally got the books printed :) 4,895 copies still available.
('07/03/14) The Ilocano version was scheduled to be printed (5,000), BEFORE i went to Luzon in January, but big mistakes caused the printer to withdraw the books they had already printed, and they said they will print all of them after fixing the problems. When will that be?
Internet: 1858 Ilocano Great Controversy (RTF format 787kb)
Ti Dakkel A Panagbinnusor Iti Nagpaetan Ni Cristo Ken Dagiti Anghelna, Ken Ni Satanas Ken Dagiti Anghelna
1st language speakers - 15,900,000
('07/03/14) I went to the Philippines in January, and promoted this book with a native worker for 3 weeks in Luzon (Manila). Several of the pastors at the Union headquarters were interested, and ordered the books at around 50cents usd each, but, like elsewhere, the higher their educational level (and financial ability), the lower their interest in Ellen White material. Northern Luzon Adventist College was very nice and supportive of this book - thank you! A home church leader who is calling people out of the SDA church wanted to purchase some, but since i did not want this book to be associated with those trying to tear down God's last-day church, i did not allow him to get any.
Internet: 1858 Tagalog Great Controversy (RTF format 401kb)
Ang Malaking Tunggalian Sa Pagitan Ni Cristo at ng Kanyang mga Anghel, At Kay Satanas at ng Kanyang mga Anghel
1st language speakers - 39,400,000
('09/8/16) I went to the Ukrainian SDA Publishing House on June 18. The director is so bubbling and on-fire! They have printed 5,000, with 1,830 in stock, but many more in Russian (see above).
('06/01/11) The Ukrainian version has been printed! Praise God! It was translated and proofread by the SDA publishing house in Kiev. Costs were said to be 25cents/usd, but the final cost has not been clearly detailed. There has been a very poor effort at communication, so it is difficult to really know what is going on. The translation supposedly cost 1,500usd, but they haven't officially requested that amount. They made their own cover art, and while not good in my humble eyes, they did use the same heart as on all the other versions the back. 5,000 were printed at the same time as 20,000 Russian ones. The original plan was to print 10,000 Ukrainian, and 40,000 Russian, but not sure now what the final plan is.
Internet: 1858 Ukrainian Great Controversy (PDF format)
1st language speakers - 18,000,000
('06/11/06) The Igbo version has been translated and proofread by a man who received a English GC thru Keep the Faith Ministries. It looks like nothing will occur from this project. Can anyone else help translate?
1st language speakers - 100,000,000
('08/5/29) With a friend carefully checking this version while he is translating the Romanian version, it is evident that several sentences were completely left out - ut oh!! Around 2,000 copies are still available.
('06/8/23) 5,000 copies of the German version were printed in January. I am in Germany now, and saw the book at campmeeting in Holland. It is nicely done :) While at the campmeeting we sold around 40 of the books at 1euro each. Boxes of them are available too.
Internet: 1858 German Great Controversy (RTF format 451kb)
Der große Kampf zwischen Christus und seinen Engeln und Satan und seinen Engeln
1st language speakers - 4,200,000
('09/8/16) I saw the 1,000 or so of the books still in inventory while at the Mission Headquarters in July. The books seem to be very slowly being distributed.
('08/1/13) 2,000 of the books were printed, but there is little communication on what is being done with distribution...
('07/03/14) The Georgian GC has been translated and now printed - praise God! In travelling there last October, it was very interesting to talk to the people there, and the Friday evening study of chapter 32 in the church there was the most memorable of any i have ever had anywhere :) 2,000 copies are expected to be printed by the press in the Mission headquarters.
Internet: 1858 Georgian Great Controversy (RTF format 438kb)
დიადი ბრძოლა ქრისტესა და მის ანგელოზთა და სატანასა და მის ანგელოზთა შორის
1st language speakers - 6,700,000
('12/1/28) Frustratingly, the book is at about the same place it was last year at this time, altho i have constant contact with the translator. He did promise that his father, who is a pastor, would proofread it.
('11/4/22) The translation was finished last summer, and is just sitting now awaiting proofreading at the Mission office. Please Lord, move hearts to get this work done in a timely fashion.
('09/8/16) While at the Georgian Mission, i met the young Armenian translator, who said he would try to have the translation done by the end of August, before he returns to medical school.
('09/01/21) The Mission President who said he would translate the book replied recently that he is too busy. But, he has found someone else to do the translation, so hopefully something will happen there soon.
('06/11/06) I went to Armenia recently, and this book was voted to be translated by a top Armenian SDA officer there. It is wonderful to see that many SDA officials are interested in the Spirit of Prophecy! Most of the funds to translate and print 2,000 books should reach there this week, Lord willing.
2nd language speakers - 4,000,000
('05/07/21) The Pidgin version in Papua New Guinea is in the requesting stage. A PNG SDA in Japan has contacted people in PNG, and they are discussing whether to do this or not. May God direct them. This language is interesting as very few use it as a 1st language (only 120,000), but it is an official language widely used in PNG.
1st language speakers - 13,300,000
('11/4/22) Word was received last October from a Mission employee that there are around 400 books still available. ('09/01/01) I went to Cambodia again in October. Almost 1/2 of the books are gone. The Mission president is gone too, and i was allowed to have the Mission morning worship for 3 mornings, so i used this book. The translator and one other person were happy with the book, and said maybe all can be distributed at the camp meeting this year, and he even said he would be happy to re-check the translation if necessary. Now to help Cambodians learn to love to read...
('08/1/13) 3,000 books were printed last May when i went there. The print quality is OK, but worried about the translation quality. The Mission president said it is OK to sell these books in his territory, but not for LEs, and to let the people know that this book doesn't "fully represent what Ellen White wrote on the subject"?! One missionary ordered 500 copies. It is not best to give the books away, as people don't value them, but in actuality, this may be the only way to get them out of the storeroom....
('07/03/22) I'm in Cambodia now, and met with the printer and translator today. Studies of chapter 32 with 2 groups have led to a revision in the chapter title. It is hard to have a good study when the interpreter doesn't have his heart in studying inspired words... There has been a long delay in getting this book to the press, but hopefully being here will provide the spark to get the needful done.
Internet: 1858 Khmer (Cambodian) Great Controversy (PDF format 497kb)
Khmer Great Controversy PDF
1st language speakers - 20,000,000
('08/1/13) This translation has had the greatest acceptance it seems of any of the languages. There are multiple people very interested in spreading this book, and one retired pastor is taking hold of it strongly and promoting it to all the kampong churches. His wife is even translating the study guide for this book! He even pays for the books he distributes too - amazing. May he and the lady in Keningau be abundantly blessed for their untiring efforts to spread this book. With no more available, there is now talk about reprinting.
('07/03/14) The Malaysian version was printed last November. 2,000 copies were printed, and are selling well. Even i was able to sell a few at 10myr each in December :) It is great to see many of the SDAs there interested in Ellen White material! It is interesting that Indonesians and Malaysians can mostly read each others' written material, with most everyone in Malaysian churches using Indon Bibles for example, so this book should be able to be used as is for Indonesia too :) Now the idea is that sales of this book will be not only enough to allow reprinting, but to finance other SOP book translations and printings :)
Internet: 1858 Malay Great Controversy (RTF format 531kb)
Kontroversi Besar Antara Kristus Dan Malaikat-Malaikatnya Dengan Syaitan Dan Iblis-Iblisnya
1st language speakers - 240,000,000
('12/1/28) The young Brother who was on-fire to get this book out has found a job with some company, and it seems the fire for this project has died out :(
('11/4/22) I went to Indonesia for the first time in March 2010, and found a man who translates Ellen White books, who said he would translate this one. But with no contact for around a year, i lost hope. Well, a month ago a young Brother there who is very interested in this book said he found a different man who also is experienced in translating Ellen White books, and he has already finished it! The file was sent to me last week, and while i found many errors in the Bible quotes and even chapter titles, i'm cautiously optimistic that this book will come to fruition :)
1st language speakers - 30,000,000
('11/4/22) This update is LONG overdue - sorry. 3,000 copies were printed late 2009, and are being distributed. There were some printing errors, requiring a "pasted-in" addendum. A big THANKS to the translator and his patient family! ('09/8/16) Still the printing has not taken place:(
('09/01/01) I went to Myanmar in Nov-Dec, and the translator shared a lot of his time to work very closely with me in getting the book proofread in a very detailed fashion. The first half of the book was translated by him, and the last half by a good friend of his. I sure am glad we did the proofreading, as there were some parts of sentences left out etc. All in all tho, i think it will be a very faithful and readable translation. The Baptist Press quoted 33cents each if we print 3,000 books, which is what i want to do. I want to make sure it is good quality tho, as many books i see printed in this country look poorly made. We hope to print in January.
('08/5/29) The translator came to Bangkok just a week after cyclone Nargis, and he was concerned about his family and church members, as many building were partially destroyed, food is scarce, clean water is scarce, no electricity, and other problems you can maybe (not?) imagine. A pastor from a different country had donated some funds for the printing of this book, but i thot the immediate humanitarian needs were even greater, so offered even those funds to him to use for helping people, but he refused to take it, taking only 100usd that had been given me for my needs since i haven't had any income for 2 months. Glad to help a little, wish i could do more... Please Lord, look on these people in this awful situation, and please work to fix that country quickly so your words can be spread.
('08/1/13) I met the Burmese translator in Bangkok in November. The work was split between two men. The translator was paid for his work, and for the proofreading that will need to be done. The tentative plan is to print in spring or summer of this year. Perhaps i will go over again when the printing is done to help promote this book.
('07/03/22) Going to Burma in March 2006 led to a translator who is up to chapter 13. He hopes to be done with the book by August.
Internet: 1858 Myanmar Great Controversy (PDF format)
Myanmar Great Controversy PDF format
1st language speakers - 60,000,000
('12/1/28) The lady who translated this book says that no one has approached with with the need for many corrections, and with no further word from the Brother who has translated some Ellen White material, it looks like he will not fulfill his word. A man in America emailed out of the blue saying he would like to travel to Thailand and Philippines to promote this book, so with that, and a few other little noises, i'm hoping to be able to print this book again possibly before the end of this year.
('11/4/22) A Brother who translates Ellen White books told me this book needs a lot of proofreading, and when i met him in Bangkok in Jan, 2010, he said he would do it, but nothing has been done. ('09/8/16) Approximately 500 copies are still in inventory. I hope some day/year to go to Thailand again to promote this book.
('09/02/14) The translator printed 1,000 copies, and got 70 extra free. She isn't too happy with the ink fading on the cover tho... In the first week, about 150 books were sold - Praise God! May they all be read and brought into the heart.
('09/01/01) I spent a lot of time with the translator, and we got the detailed proofreading done up to chapter 33. The translation is done, so hopefully by using skype or something we can finish the rest soon. Chiang Mai Adventist Academy is having a Spirit of Prophecy event in February, and the translator has been invited to introduce this book. We hope to print 3,000 copies after getting it proofread one more time, hopefully by someone known to all the SDA church members in Thailand.
('08/5/29) I've spent time recently going in detail over every word with the translator. She looks at her Thai translation, telling me what it is in English. It is quite intense, and very good to know that the final version will be as close to the original as it is possible to be. Studying chapter 17 at a youth camp last month with maybe 150 in attendance was very nice, and there were voices after the meeting "when will we have the whole book"? Hopefully in print before year-end.
('08/1/13) Around 10 chapters have been translated in the last 10 months. I hope that the translation will be finished, proofread, and ready to print before this summer is over, as i currently live in Thailand teaching 4th grade (thanks to the translator:) and wish to work diligently spreading this book in this country. Last October the translator and i went to northern Thailand where there is a fairly large group of dedicated SDAs, and we had many good studies of this book, using the 9 chapters that had already been translated up to that time. It sure does make a difference having God's words on paper in your own language, rather than relying on someone to translate a speaker!
('07/03/04) The college-student translator who translated up to chapter 6 found a job with ADRA, and this translation has been stopped. But praise God, yesterday an on-fire believer agreed to translate this book! May God's Holy Spirit be with her as she translates this second most important book in the world.
Internet: 1858 Thai Great Controversy (PDF format 502kb)
สงครามครั้งยิ่งใหญ่ ระหว่าง พระคริสต์และทูตสวรรค์ของพระองค์ กับ ซาตานและทูตสมุนของมัน
1st language speakers - 68,000,000
('09/8/16) The book has been completely re-translated, and is awaiting funds to input into the computer and print.
('08/5/29) This lady died last month. So sad that up to the end she was against the SDA church, and also against the Holy Spirit (anti-trinitarian). One couple from Egypt have blood on their hands!
('06/8/23) The Marathi version in India (Western India, including India's largest city - Mumbai [old Bombay]) has been translated by a professional translator - SDA lady, but she has now left the church, and is calling it Babylon, so will not be using this translation. She printed 2,000 copies with her own money, but the type is 6point! Who is going to get out a magnifying glass to read a book?!
1st language speakers - 46,000,000
('09/8/16) The book has been completely translated, and is awaiting funds to print. I met the young translator last week at church, and was very thankful that he is on-fire and recovered recently from malaria.
1st language speakers - 61,000,000
('09/8/16) Approximately 3,500 copies are still in inventory. I must work to sell them to raise funds to print other languages.
('08/1/13) The news just last week was that this translation is at the printer's now, and 4,000 copies should come off the press this week. Now, plans have to be laid to get the books distributed.
('07/03/22) The Punjabi (Panjabi) version in India (northwest India) has been translated by a pastor, and has been proofread. The plan was to print by January, but the translator does not want to faithfully translate the place in chapter 6 where it says God told Moses to "smite the rock", so this project is on hold. Punjabi is the major language of Pakistan.
1st language speakers - 35,000,000
('11/04/22) While in India in December 2009, i met a retired Sister who wept tears of joy that she could be used of God to translate this book. She said she cold do it within the one year period that i usually ask every translator for. But with no contact after that, i lost hope, until this week, when her son wrote a email saying that the translation was finished in December, but now he is wondering how to get it proofread and typed into the computer. :)
1st language speakers - 23,000,000
('12/1/28) The translator went to Spain last year, and in touring around several different churches, was able to find quite a number of people interested in this book, resulting in all the books being distributed. It is interesting to notice that after English this language was the most downloaded edition of all last year, showing the result of a strong physical book work :)
('11/4/22) The translator is busy going from church to church trying to get people to see the value in the book. He noted how it is interesting how one word from a pastor can influence people's behavior so. There are around 2,500 books left. (09/10/11) Over 750 of the books have already been distributed! It took a long time to get to printing, and there were many hurdles jumped with prayers and hard work, and now God is opening doors :) I pray the people understand what they read
('09/8/16) 4,000 copies printed!!! I spent around 3 weeks with the Romanian translator in May, and he found lots of contacts and printers and we were so fortunate to find dedicated SDA leaders who are interested in spreading the words God gave Ellen White.
('09/01/01) I worked with the translator, staying in his apartment in fact, and he finished the translation, and we got the detailed proofreading done up to chapter 33 by the time i left Bangkok on Dec.24. We used skype for a bit over an hour to finish up the rest of the book. Now we need to find a well-respected Romanian SDA who will proofread the book, to help build trust among the SDA members in that country - the number one country for number of believers in all of Europe.
('08/5/29) Living mostly with the translator's family in their one-room apt. helps me be near the "action" :) He makes me think deeply about things which is nice. For example, just yesterday he asked about the meaning of "if saved at all". At first i said it meant "if saved finally", but in thinking a bit longer, changed to say "if it is possible to be saved". Then i looked at my Japanese translation, and saw that was basically the way i had translated it, and felt relieved: "if can be saved".
('08/1/13) Well, when i asked the young lady in April last year, how far she was on the translation, she told me "zero". I waited a few more months, and finally asked her to refund the advance i had given her, which she quickly did. An interesting turn of events has so happened (God's leading - often mysterious!) that the Thai translator's husband is Romanian, and is very interested in this book, and now he is translating it! It is fun to watch them have a little contest between themselves to see who can translate the quickest, and having each other, hopefully, will encourage both of them to allot more time to this great project :)
('06/7/17) While in London i stopped by the Trans-European Division Headquarters, then the British Isles headquarters, not being able to meet any church official. But in the ABC store there was a young Romanian woman who was interested, and agreed to translate it, so i went to ASDA (WalMart) to exchange money, and paid 1/2 of the translation fee. There are probably more Romanian SDAs than any other nationality in all of Europe, so i hope and pray that this project goes well. The plan is to finish translating by next April.
NEW August 16!! Internet: 1858 Romanian Great Controversy (PDF format 1mb)
Marea luptă dintre Hristos şi îngerii Săi şi Satana şi îngerii lui
1st language speakers - 12,000,000
1st language speakers - 5,000,000
Czech & Slovakian
('09/8/16) I contacted this man while in Germany in May, and he is too busy to work with this project. So i need to find someone else.
('08/5/29) No further contact with this man :(
('06/9/04) While staying in Mittelsinn, Germany, a group coming from Czech Republic to Woodlands Institute in Portugal came by, and after talking about this book for 45 minutes, the man agreed to translate into Czech - for free! I agreed to send funds to print 5,000 books if needed when he is done. He said that Slovakian is 90% the same as Czech, so he will make it in that language also - thank you!
1st language speakers - 7,000,000
('09/8/16) I met the former Azerbaijani SDA President while in Georgia in July, and he said he will keep this book in mind. I'm so glad that God has humble, dedicated leaders here and there:)
('08/1/13) Word was received just last week from the woman translating this, that she has too many things to do now, and after translating half the book, has no more time for translating it :( What to do?
('06/11/06) I went to Azerbaijan last week, and this book was voted by the SDA officials, who were gathered from all over the country just at that opportune time, to be translated into the Azeri language, and printed there. It is heartening to see that there ARE many of our church officers willing to take a risk to spread this precious book.
1st language speakers - 163,000,000
1st language speakers - 10,000,000
('12/1/28) A man emailed out of the blue 2 weeks ago saying he has just finished translating this book, and will send the electronic copy to me, but there has been no reply to my surprised/interested email.
('11/4/22) This woman got married over a year ago, and said she would not be able to do the translation :( ('09/10/11) A Sister in Christ found this web site, and asked if she could have permission to translate this book. She checked several sources to see if this was all legal and everything, and then excitedly said she would start. She has finished the first chapter, and it is a good one according to the Romanian translator, but she has hit a big snag --- she has just gotten her first job after graduating from college, and doesn't see how to devote the time necessary to do it. May God work on her heart to show her how to balance her time for work, and her time for spreading God's words too.
1st language speakers - 3,100,000
('12/1/28) A young Lao man i met in Cambodia in 2008 is now studying at Mountain View College in the Philippines with four fellow Laotians. I've kept contact with him, and finally last week he sent a email saying that he has started translation. Since the Lao language is around 90% like the Thai language, it should be very easy to use the Thai as a reference and translate it.
1st language speakers - 4,500,000
1st language speakers - 4,500,000
('12/1/28) The same translator as for the Lao edition is working on this one too. The Hmong don't have their own country, being a hill tribe spread thru Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, with a large majority in China. Approximately 225,000 of them have emigrated to America. This translation will be in the Romanized script, not in the Chinese character script.

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